Hot Girls Doing It Solo! Taking Self Pics That Is

Bet you were getting all excited reading that title. No need to lose is, even if taking self pics isn’t nearly as exciting as doing “it” we can still enjoy the hot girls who take them.
1) Hot body and cute face – she looks great!
Girl in Bra and Panties Taking Self Pic

2) Speaking of hot stuff, how about this one?

Hot Girl Self Pic

3) Is that bright flash light annoying or what? But she’s hot enough, so we’ll let it slide.

Slef Pic with Flash

4) If you were this hot you’d be snapping pics of yourself too!

Hot Chick Taking Self Pic

5) The hotness is strong with this one

Hot girl with phone

Well, given the abundance of phones out there and the fact that every hot girl feels compelled to take a self pic (and we love them for it) this will no doubt be a popular category on this site.

So, which one of the above pics was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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